Introducing Method 400 and welcome back Conducting & Coursing Order

It’s later than I’d hoped but they’re here – the new editions of Conducting & Coursing Order and Method 400.

Method 400 and Conducting & Coursing Order

C&CO is one of the best-selling of Dad’s books and has been out of print for some time now. This one is a faithful reproduction of the original but with a more modern look and now comes with an online worksheet for people who don’t like writing in books! The book is aimed at those who have some experience of conducting: it does not look to explain how to call but looks at how you can use coursing order to conduct touches/quarters/peals with exercises and example compositions.

Method 400 is the republication of Method 300 with — you guessed it — 100(ish) more methods. The book has been reproduced using the same line drawing software I used for Standard 90 but with the addition of some subtle grey lines to mark the treble crossing points. The extra methods are taken from the most popular methods that have been named in the 30 years since the book was first published by Dad and Ian on the state-of-the-art computer plotter at Exeter University!

Orders now being taken, just about in time for Christmas! £7.50 each for UK delivery with discounts for bulk orders.