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Standard 90

Originally published as Standard 70, this is an all-in-one booklet for anybody who fears being caught on the hop without the line, touch, quarter or peal for 90 of the most popular methods from Doubles to Maximus.
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Conducting & Coursing Order

The very first book to be published and now in its 6th edition. A guide to moving from bob-caller to conductor using coursing orders.
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Method 400

A collection of method lines covering about 400 frequently rung Surprise, Delight and Alliance methods.
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Quarter 500

A quarter peal collection covering a range of methods from Doubles to Maximus.
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Composition 500, 501, 502

A series of peal compositions designed as an outlet for composers and a source for conductors and composers.
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Composition 2000

A further collection of compositions in a continuation of the Composition 50x series, but published in 21st century.
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Raising & Lowering

A handy beginner’s guide to this tricky area, written by Phil Gay.
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Treble Bob Major Variations

A short booklet seeking to clarify the different variations of Kent TB Major.
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Compleat Cambridge

Giles Thompson’s treatise on Cambridge Major which includes almost all published compositions together with sections on its proof and composition.
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