Compleat Cambridge

Giles B Thompson


The Cambridge method dates from the 1730s with Cambridge Major rung to its first true peal in 1873 using Middleton’s composition. This book documents all the compositions of Cambridge Major (at time of publication in 1996) along with detailed instructions on proving and composing the method.


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There are no known corrections for this publication, however see advice on proving on Corrections page.


  • The method
  • Proof
  • Composition
  • Peals
    • Middleton’s and its derivatives
    • Three, two and one part of Middleton’s
    • Remnants of Middleton’s blocks
    • Other peals (in 1-7 parts, including irregulars, regulars and nested)
    • In short courses
    • Calls at the half-lead
    • 6th’s place bobs
    • With the 5th in 5th’s
    • Bob courses with the 6th in 6th’s
    • Bob courses with the 7th in 5th’s
    • Long peals
  • False peals
  • Composer index

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