Composition 2000

Compiled by Michael Mears and Wendy Campbell


Bringing the Composition 50x series into the 21st century, Composition 2000 continues the series in the electronic form of a PDF. As with the the 50x series, this is a collection of peal compositions submitted by various composers for inclusion.

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For known errors in this book (including previous editions), see Composition 2000 Errata. See also advice on proving on Corrections page.

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  • Minor Principles
  • Plain Minor
  • Minor
  • Spliced Minor
  • Spliced TB Minor
  • Spliced Surprise Minor
  • Triples
  • Major Principles
  • Plain Major
  • Alliance Major
  • Treble Bob Major
  • Delight Major
  • Surprise Major
  • Spliced Plain Major
  • Spliced Plain & Treble Bob Major
  • Spliced Plain & Surprise Major
  • Spliced Treble Bob Major
  • Spliced Surprise Major
  • Caters
  • Plain Royal
  • Treble Bob Royal
  • Delight Royal
  • Surprise Royal
  • Spliced Plain Royal
  • Spliced Surprise Royal
  • Cinques
  • Spliced Cinques & Maximus
  • Plain Maximus
  • Alliance Maximus
  • Delight Maximus
  • Treble Bob Maximus
  • Surprise Maximus
  • Little Surprise Maximus
  • Spliced Maximus
  • Spliced Surprise Maximus

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