Composition 50x

Compiled by John Longridge


The Composition 50x series is a peal collection consisting of three books – Composition 500, 501 and 502 – published following a request for compositions in the late 1970’s. The popularity of Composition 500 led to more compositions being submitted, supplying the content for the 501 and 502 books.

Please note – this book was published before computer-proving was widely available and therefore not all the compositions contained in it have been proven. Please see Corrections page for information.

Ordering Information

Price: £4.00 each (or £10 for the series) including UK postage.

To pay by card:

  • Composition 500: Add to Cart
  • Composition 501: Add to Cart
  • Composition 502: Add to Cart
  • Complete 50x Series Add to Cart

Or see Ordering Information for overseas, volume discounts and alternative payment methods.


For known errors in these books (including previous editions), see Composition 50x Errata. See also advice on proving on Corrections page.


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