Conducting & Coursing Order

John Longridge


This book has been written not as a handbook on conducting but as an attempt to show the importance of coursing order as a basic aid to conducting. In the hope of equipping the bob-caller with some of the tools of the conductor focusing on the relevance of coursing to calling, checking and correcting.



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For those who don’t like writing in books – you can download a printable worksheet here for the exercises!


For known errors previous editions of this book, see Conducting & Coursing Order Errata. See also advice on proving on Corrections page.


  • What is coursing order?
  • Methods with one hunt bell
  • Plain Bob Major
  • Plain Bob on higher numbers
  • Little Bob
  • St. Simon’s Bob Triples
  • Double Norwich Court Bob Major
  • Yorkshire Surprise Major
  • Yorkshire Surprise Royal and Maximus
  • Superlative Surprise Major
  • London Surprise Major
  • Methods with two hunt bells
  • Grandsire Triples
  • Grandsire Cater and Cinques
  • Oxford Bob Triples
  • Principles
  • Erin Triples
  • Erin Caters and Cinques
  • Stedman Triples
  • Stedman Caters and Cinques
  • General Tips

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