Standard 90

Compiled by John and Tom Longridge


Standard 90 is an all-in-one booklet, compact enough to be carried to practices, quarter peal days, peal weeks and the like, yet broad enough in its scope to be or real use as an instant reference to the standard methods and their compositions, from Doubles to Maximus, touches to peals.

For those familiar with Standard 70, this book is a re-publication with all compositions computer-proved and some of the peal compositions removed to make space for an extra 20 methods: mainly Surprise Minor, Surprise Major (to include the Nottingham 8) and Surprise Royal (to include the Standard 8) methods.




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There are no known corrections for this publication, however see advice on proving on Corrections page. For corrections from Standard 70, see Standard 70 Errata.


  • Plain Bob Doubles
  • Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Bob Doubles
  • St Simon’s Bob Doubles
  • St Martin’s Bob Doubles
  • St Nicholas Bob Doubles
  • Winchendon Place Bob Doubles
  • Grandsire Doubles
  • Stedman Doubles
  • Erin Doubles
  • Little Bob Minor
  • Plain Bob Minor
  • Double Court Bob Minor
  • Single Oxford Bob Minor
  • Double Oxford Bob Minor
  • St Clement’s College Bob Minor
  • Kent Treble Bob Minor
  • Oxford Treble Bob Minor
  • Cambridge Surprise Minor
  • Beverley Surprise Minor
  • Surfleet Surprise Minor
  • London Surprise Minor
  • Wells Surprise Minor
  • Ipswich Surprise Minor
  • Westminster Surprise Minor
  • Carlisle Surprise Minor
  • Chester Surprise Minor
  • York Surprise Minor
  • Durham Surprise Minor
  • Morpeth Surprise Minor
  • Annable’s London Surprise Minor
  • Canterbury Surprise Minor
  • Bourne Surprise Minor
  • Netherseale Surprise Minor
  • Alnwick Surprise Minor
  • Norwich Surprise Minor
  • Warkworth Surprise Minor
  • Plain Bob Triples
  • Grandsire Triples
  • Single Oxford Bob Triples
  • St Clement’s College Bob Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • Erin Triples
  • Little Bob Major
  • Plain Bob Major
  • Double Norwich Court Bob Major
  • Kent Treble Bob Major
  • Oxford Treble Bob Major
  • Cambridge Surprise Major
  • Yorkshire Surprise Major
  • Lincolnshire Surprise Major
  • Superlative Surprise Major
  • Pudsey Surprise Major
  • Rutland Surprise Major
  • Uxbridge Surprise Major
  • Lessness Surprise Major
  • London Surprise Major
  • Bristol Surprise Major
  • Belfast Surprise Major
  • Glasgow Surprise Major
  • Cassiobury Surprise Major
  • Cornwall Surprise Major
  • Plain Bob Caters
  • Grandsire Caters
  • Stedman Caters
  • Erin Caters
  • Plain Bob Royal
  • Little Bob Royal
  • Kent Treble Bob Royal
  • Cambridge Surprise Royal
  • Yorkshire Surprise Royal
  • Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
  • Swindon Surprise Royal
  • Superlative (No 2) Surprise Royal
  • Pudsey Surprise Royal
  • Rutland Surprise Royal
  • London (No 3) Surprise Royal
  • Bristol Surprise Royal
  • Plain Bob Cinques
  • Grandsire Cinques
  • Stedman Cinques
  • Erin Cinques
  • Plain Bob Maximus
  • Little Bob Maximus
  • Kent Treble Bob Maximus
  • Cambridge Surprise Maximus
  • Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
  • Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
  • Newgate Surprise Maximus
  • Bristol Surprise Maximus
  • Avon Delight Maximus