Method 400

John Longridge and Ian Campbell


Method 400 is intended to be a conveniently tabulated reference book of a selection of methods, in the main Surprise, which are frequently rung either as single methods or in spliced. The layout, quite apart from its economy of space, is designed for those like myself who prefer to see the method in one piece rather than split into separate columns.

The new edition includes the most popular of the methods named in the 30 years since Method 300 was first published. The lines have been re-drawn in the same style but now also include the treble-crossing points.




Price: £7.50, including UK postage.

Add to Cart to pay by card or see Ordering Information for overseas, volume discounts and alternative payment methods.


There are no known corrections for this publication, however see advice on proving on Corrections page. For corrections from Method 300, see Method 300 Errata.


  • Surprise Minor (41 regular)
  • Delight Minor
  • Surprise Major
  • Delight Major
  • Little Surprise Major
  • Surprise Royal
  • Delight Royal
  • Little Surprise Royal
  • Surprise Maximus
  • Delight Maximus
  • Alliance Maximus
  • Little Surprise Maximus

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